Foundation Demystification

There’s a lot of misunderstanding out there about foundation challenges and repairs. Believe us, we’ve heard them all. We want you to understand the basics of foundation repair, so you will know better than to believe some of the myths and deceptions out there.

Common Foundation Repair Myths

It’s an emergency


While it’s true that remedying problems sooner rather than later will save you time and further damage, we can almost guarantee your house isn’t about to crumble.

This will destroy me financially


You may have heard horror stories, but most foundation fixes are affordable. A single steel pier only costs about $600 to install. Nearly all of our full-house repairs are under $10,000 – and yours is likely to be a lot less.

This will ruin my house’s value


Due to Oklahoma’s unusual clay-rich soil, foundation movement and settlement is an exceedingly common occurrence. Since all Oklahoma homes were built on the same ground, nearly every home in this part of the state has some foundation movement. Don’t fret.

Foundation issues are an old house problem


Even some brand-new houses have foundation problems due to soil composition, erosion or weather conditions the day the slab was poured.

Foundation 101
In Oklahoma, we see two common types of foundations.

Crawlspace or Pier and Beam Foundations

Older homes are likely to be built on crawlspace foundations, which typically comprise a perimeter footing which the home rests on, as well as the namesake crawlspace between the home and the ground.

Slab Foundations

More common in homes built after about 1950, this foundation is one large slab of concrete resting on the earth below.

Damage Over Time

Regardless of your foundation type, damage to your home’s foundation can occur over time for a variety of reasons. Oklahoma’s weather, climate and clay-rich soil make for especially problematic foundation settlement challenges, but Oklahoma Foundation Repair is well-versed in tackling and overcoming these obstacles.

Moisture Exposure
Aged Materials
Soil Shifting
Expansion/Contraction of Clay
Erosion of Substrata

Repair Home Foundation Damage | Oklahoma Foundation Repair
Home Foundation Repair Services | Oklahoma Foundation Repair

What to Look For

Foundation damage isn’t always obvious. But if you look closely for these  telltale signs, you can get an idea of where you might have foundation challenges. Be sure to call us for a free estimate if you find any of these:

Uneven floors

Spongy floors that “give”

Separation along exterior walls

Stuck windows and doors

Ill-fitting trim and molding

Cracks in brick or stone and mortar

Offset concrete

Don’t Be Alarmed

In most cases, signs of foundation movement aren’t an emergency. But they do warrant inspection and attention from foundation repair specialists.

is Common

can be Fixed

are Affordable

Get an Expert Opinion

We’re happy to help inspect, evaluate, and advise homeowners throughout central Oklahoma on any and all foundation concerns. Evaluations, inspections and estimates are at zero cost to you.

Happy Foundation Surprises

We understand that foundation problems can be frustrating, unwelcome news. So here are some truths to help you feel a little better.

Repairs may not be Necessary

Sometimes we just need to keep an eye on foundation movement. This costs you nothing.

Faster Than You Think

Most repairs are made in a day or less.

Less Expensive Than You Think

Installation of one steel pier costs approximately $600. The average cost of full home foundation repair is $6,500 – but the typical cost is less.

Evaluations and Estimates are Free

Assessment of your home’s foundation, settlement, movement and estimation of repair costs is entirely free.

No Hidden Charges or Fees

Many foundation repair companies hide fees or other charges – or ask for extra costs paid at closing. Oklahoma Foundation Repair gives you accurate estimates with no extra costs.*

*Unless major, unexpected obstacles are discovered after work has begun, but we will discuss these with you before moving forward.

Oklahoma Foundation Repair Services

We’re equipped, trained and ready to repair virtually any kind of foundation challenge in Oklahoma – and do it with integrity, transparency and honesty.

Slab Injection

Our polyurethane foam injection system represents the most recent advancement in elevating, reinforcing, and stabilizing nearly any type of concrete slab.

Pier and Beam

For traditional “crawlspace” home foundations, Oklahoma Foundation Repair offers repair services specifically designed for pier and beam structures.

Steel Piers

Hydraulically driven steel piers have long been considered the industry’s gold standard for foundation repair.

Concrete Piers

Due to Oklahoma’s unusual soil conditions, concrete piers are used less frequently than steel piers, but are still sometimes indicated for specific foundation challenges.

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