Pier & Beam

Traditional Crawlspace Home Foundation Repair

Until concrete slab foundations became affordable in the middle of the twentieth century, pier and beam or “crawlspace” foundations were the standard in home construction. These are the style of homes you’re likely to see throughout central Oklahoma City as well as in older parts of Edmond, Moore, Midwest City and other towns and suburbs.

Just like all foundations in central Oklahoma, crawlspace foundations are subject to damage and settling due to moisture exposure, movement of clay soils, erosion and the simple aging of construction materials.

Damage Over Time

Moisture Exposure
Aged Materials
Soil Shifting
Expansion/Contraction of Clay
Erosion of Substrata

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What to Look For

Foundation damage isn’t always obvious. Look for these telltale signs:

Cracks in the floor

Separation along exterior walls

Stuck windows and doors

Ill-fitting trim and molding

Uneven floors

Cracks in brick or stone and mortar

Offset concrete

Don’t Be Alarmed

In most cases, signs of foundation movement aren’t an emergency. But they do warrant inspection and attention from foundation repair specialists.

is Common

can be Fixed

are Affordable

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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Process



Oklahoma Foundation Repair will assess your crawlspace foundation for settling, heaving, separation or any other issues and determine whether these indications call for attention or action.



We will determine the methods of repair to stabilize your home’s foundation, then present you with our recommendation and estimated costs for these repairs.


Base Pad Installation

We install pre-engineered base pads to act as the point of contact between your home’s substructure and the ground. 


Beam Installation & Support

The new base pads support triple 2”x6” beams, which carry the structure’s load over a larger area and reduce individual points of contact.


Structural Replacements

We will remove and replace any wooden posts being used as supports under the home, properly reorient any cinderblocks and replace wood shim packs with steel shims at points of contact. If necessary, Oklahoma Foundation Repair will replace joists, sill plates and subflooring.



Measurements are taken and adjustments made via shimming to level and stabilize the home.



Oklahoma Foundation Repair will clean up the area.

Get an Expert Opinion

We’re happy to help inspect, evaluate, and advise homeowners throughout central Oklahoma on any and all foundation concerns. Evaluations, inspections and estimates are at zero cost to you.

Understanding Foundation Repair

Be an educated homeowner – and be armed with the right information to make the best decision regarding your home and its foundation.

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Oklahoma Foundation Repair isn’t your run-of-the-mill pier company. We have the knowledge, experience and – most importantly – integrity to do the job right.