Foundation Resurfacing

Damaged foundation before resurfacing in Oklahoma
Resurfaced raised foundation done in Oklahoma

Protect & Beautify Your Raised Foundation

Many older homes in Oklahoma City were constructed on what is referred to as a “raised,” “crawlspace,” or “pier and beam” foundation. If the main level of your home is up a few steps from the ground, and you can see a foot or so of exposed foundation – usually with visible vents and crawlspace access – you have this type of foundation.

There is nothing wrong with traditional crawlspace foundations, but sometimes the visible portions of this foundation stem wall reveal cracks, chips or other unsightly problems. This is usually caused by water, whether due to sprinkler and irrigation systems, poor drainage or lack of gutters.

How Foundation Wear Happens

No Gutters

Poor Drainage

Misaligned Sprinklers

Don’t be alarmed! This doesn’t always indicate a structural problem with the foundation itself, but it can lead to structural problems down the road if it isn’t dealt with appropriately.

Oklahoma Foundation Repair offers affordable foundation resurfacing that protects your exposed foundation from further damage and deterioration. The goal is to prevent further water intrusion into the stem wall, which can cause concrete spalling. The added bonus is that foundation resurfacing also beautifies the exterior of your home and adds some easy curb appeal!

House with worn and damaged raised foundation
Closeup of resurfaced foundation offering improved curb appeal and better stability

How it Works



Oklahoma Foundation Repair will inspect your foundation to ensure there aren’t any underlying structural issues that need to be rectified before proceeding with resurfacing.



We prepare the site by clearing a space to work, removing loose pieces of foundation, then cleaning and preparing the surface of the foundation so the new coats of protective material will adhere to it.



Multiple coats of stucco are applied to the exposed foundation’s surface. This durable, weather-resistant mixture of cement and sand protects your foundation from further damage, covers cracks and other imperfections and beautifies your home’s exterior.

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Foundation resurfacing from Oklahoma Foundation Repair can be done in less than a day. Don’t wait – protect your home today!

Understanding Foundation Repair

Be an educated homeowner – and be armed with the right information to make the best decision regarding your home and its foundation.

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