Oklahoma Foundation Repair Services

Transparent. Professional. Honest.

After more than a decade repairing the foundation of our Oklahoma neighbors, we’ve learned that homeowners are often frightened when they encounter foundation problems. They imagine their home might topple over – or that they will be faced with life-changing repair costs.

Don’t panic. This is almost never the case.

Oklahoma Foundation Repair doesn’t believe in scare tactics. We are not salesmen and have no desire to profit from your hardship. We’re here to help ease your mind, be transparent about your foundation’s issues and repair those problems as needed.

When dealing with someone’s home, we believe any upselling to be entirely unethical.

We simply don’t do it.

Happy Foundation Surprises

We understand that foundation problems can be frustrating, unwelcome news. So here are some truths to help you feel a little better.

Repairs may not be Necessary

Sometimes we just need to keep an eye on foundation movement. This costs you nothing.

Faster Than You Think

Most repairs are made in a day or less.

Less Expensive Than You Think

Installation of one steel pier costs approximately $600. The average cost of full home foundation repair is $6,500 – but the typical cost is less.

Evaluations and Estimates are Free

Assessment of your home’s foundation, settlement, movement and estimation of repair costs is entirely free.

No Hidden Charges or Fees

Many foundation repair companies hide fees or other charges – or ask for extra costs paid at closing. Oklahoma Foundation Repair gives you accurate estimates with no extra costs.*

*Unless major, unexpected obstacles are discovered after work has begun, but we will discuss these with you before moving forward.

Oklahoma Foundation Repair Services

We’re equipped, trained and ready to repair virtually any kind of foundation challenge in Oklahoma – and do it with integrity, transparency and honesty.

Slab Injection

Our polyurethane foam injection system represents the most recent advancement in elevating, reinforcing, and stabilizing nearly any type of concrete slab.

Pier and Beam

For traditional “crawlspace” home foundations, Oklahoma Foundation Repair offers repair services specifically designed for pier and beam structures.

Steel Piers

Hydraulically driven steel piers have long been considered the industry’s gold standard for foundation repair.

Concrete Piers

Due to Oklahoma’s unusual soil conditions, concrete piers are used less frequently than steel piers, but are still sometimes indicated for specific foundation challenges.

Get an Expert Opinion

We’re happy to help inspect, evaluate, and advise homeowners throughout central Oklahoma on any and all foundation concerns. Evaluations, inspections and estimates are at zero cost to you.

Understanding Foundation Repair

Be an educated homeowner – and be armed with the right information to make the best decision regarding your home and its foundation.

About Us

Oklahoma Foundation Repair isn’t your run-of-the-mill pier company. We have the knowledge, experience and – most importantly – integrity to do the job right.