Slab Injection

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Repairing your settling, unsupported foundation is now easier, faster and cleaner than ever. Oklahoma Foundation Repair’s polyurethane foam injection system is the latest advance for raising, supporting and stabilizing virtually any variety of concrete slab.

Slab injection is an ideal choice for repairing many kinds of concrete slabs

Concrete Slab Foundations


Concrete Patios



Parking Areas

The Slab Injection Process

The whole operation is typically just a few hours from start to finish.



Oklahoma Foundation Repair will assess your foundation for settling, heaving, separation or any other issues and determine whether these indications call for attention or action.



Oklahoma Foundation Repair experts will evaluate your slab for injection suitability. We will present you with our recommendation and estimated costs for these repairs. Some foundation repairs require other remedies.


Application Holes

Our team will drill 5/8” holes in the slab, all the way through to the ground below.


Slab Injection

The lightweight, expanding geopolymer foam is injected through the series of holes into the ground below, expanding to fill voids and mix with the clay and soil. This creates a more cohesive, supportive bed under your foundation.



Foam is injected in different holes in areas across the slab to level it, close cracks and stabilize the entire slab.


Clean Up

Once the slab is level, the application holes are patched, and clean-up is fast and simple.

Benefits of Slab Injection



Oklahoma Foundation Repair can stabilize your slab in less than a day.


With no required excavation, there is very little disturbance to your property.


Since it requires less labor, slab injection is often less costly than other repair options. It is also much more cost-effective than replacing concrete.



The cushion of polyurethane foam under your foundation will last for decades, preventing further damage.

Warning: Expertise Required

Slab Injection cannot be performed by every foundation repair contractor. It requires great technical skills and specially trained technicians. Without these skills and training, a contractor could further damage your slab, foundation and home. At Oklahoma Foundation, we invested in the high cost of training, skills and equipment to perform slab injection correctly.

Certain types of foundations and settlement problems may not be suitable for slab injection, such as traditional crawlspace foundations or where erosion has worn away too much of the substrata. In these cases, we offer other time-tested repair methods.

Pier and Beam

For crawlspace foundations

Steel Piers

The industry standard for slab foundation stabilization

Concrete Piers

An alternative to steel piers for specific applications

Get an Expert Opinion

We’re happy to help inspect, evaluate, and advise homeowners throughout central Oklahoma on any and all foundation concerns. Evaluations, inspections and estimates are at zero cost to you.

Understanding Foundation Repair

Be an educated homeowner – and be armed with the right information to make the best decision regarding your home and its foundation.

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