Steel Piers

The Industry’s Gold Standard

For many decades, hydraulically driven steel piers have been considered the ultimate standard in foundation repair on Oklahoma City Metro area’s finnicky clay soils. This clay expands when it gets wet, then contracts as it dries. That means every rainfall changes the density of the ground under your home. Over the years and decades, that constant movement can damage your home’s foundation.

Don’t Be Alarmed

In most cases, signs of foundation movement aren’t an emergency. But they do warrant inspection and attention from foundation repair specialists.

is Common

can be Fixed

are Affordable

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What to Look For

Foundation damage isn’t always obvious. Look for these telltale signs:

Cracks in the floor

Separation along exterior walls

Stuck windows and doors

Ill-fitting trim and molding

Uneven floors

Cracks in brick or stone and mortar

Offset concrete

How Hydraulically Driven Steel Piers Work



Oklahoma Foundation Repair will assess your foundation for settling, heaving, separation or any other issues and determine whether these indications call for attention or action.



We will determine the number and location of piers to be driven around the perimeter of your home’s foundation, then present you with our recommendation and estimated costs for these repairs.



Our team will excavate earth as needed to reach the base of your home’s foundation, where piers will be placed.


Pier Driving

Piers are placed and hydraulically driven deep into the earth to raise, support and stabilize your home’s foundation as needed. In Oklahoma, we have to penetrate the clay and reach bedrock, or equal load-bearing strata referred to as “the point of refusal.”



Measurements are taken and adjustments made to level and stabilize the foundation.


Clean Up

Oklahoma Foundation Repair will fill all holes and clean up the area.

Concrete vs. Steel Piers

At Oklahoma Foundation Repair, we typically recommend steel piers for home foundations throughout central Oklahoma. Occasionally, concrete piers are the preferred recommendation. Here are some key differences between the two options.

Steel Piers

Commonly Installed



Very Stable

Compatible with Oklahoma Clay

Can be Driven Very Deep

More Costly


Higher Load-Bearing Capacity

Concrete Piers

Commonly Installed



Very Stable

Not Very Compatible

Can be Driven 8-10’

Less Costly

Requires Maintenance

Easier to Install

Get an Expert Opinion

We’re happy to help inspect, evaluate, and advise homeowners throughout central Oklahoma on any and all foundation concerns. Evaluations, inspections and estimates are at zero cost to you.

Understanding Foundation Repair

Be an educated homeowner – and be armed with the right information to make the best decision regarding your home and its foundation.

About Us

Oklahoma Foundation Repair isn’t your run-of-the-mill pier company. We have the knowledge, experience and – most importantly – integrity to do the job right.